Mommy to be

Travelling with young children can be stressful, especially packing extra luggage or carrying bulky items. With increasing luggage restrictions on flights and the inconvenience of waiting at the airport’s baggage claim, while acquiring your own luggage and don’t forget… juggling the children at the same time. All this can be annoying, expensive and time consuming. …

02 Apr

Does your little one need a “chill out”? All you need is an empty box with crayons. Relaxing moment worth 45 minutes (for parents too!)

10 Feb

For the Joolz Day Sense it was our goal to design toys that provide play value and give an overall enjoyment of the activity. With extensive user-centered research, we designed educational toys that stimulate the senses of your baby, provide interaction between you and your baby and stimulate creativity. We wanted to create toys that not …

10 Feb

The toys of the Joolz Day Sense can first be used as a little cuddling blanket to stimulate sense of the little baby. The toys are made from soft eco-friendly fabrics for a sensory touch with your babies sensitive skin. Babies see all colors, but are fascinated at first by large color contrasts, such as …

10 Feb

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