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Joolz Essentials products

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Are you looking for a comfy accessory for a newborn? Whether it is for a friend, family members or a treat for yourself, our Joolz Essentials products are the perfect last-minute gift for the new addition.

Our range of Joolz essentials products is made from high quality and natural materials, which can be used in all of our pushchair collections.

Joolz essentials line

Joolz essentials swaddle

This baby wrap is multifunctional, so you can use it as you like. Wrap it around the baby like a swaddling cloth or towel. With the hat, you can ensure that babies are completely cosy and covered. Turn it into a play mat, so that they play with their favourite toy. Use it for sun protection or to breastfeed babies on the terrace. When their little mind wanders, they may use it as a superhero robe. Whatever you use it for, wrap it around your child, wrap it around his or her creativity.

Joolz Essentials blanket

With this super soft blanket, babies can be wrapped up nice and warm. Whether they use it for small or big naps, or just to chill in, the Joolz Essentials blanket is made to keep babies cosy. Its 75 x 100 cm size comes in five different colours. With that in mind, selecting a blanket to blend with the baby’s room will not be so hard. All of our Joolz Essentials blankets have a TOG value that represents insulation quality. This means that parents are able to gain insight into their baby’s thermal regulation. In that way, the baby can keep cool in summer time and warm for the winter chills.  Bear in mind that every temperature requires a different a TOG value.

Joolz Essentials nest

The Joolz essentials nest hugs your baby for those cool days.  It has three zippers which are used to secure the car’s seat belt. That way, the hassle is less when strapping the little one up for his/her road adventure.  It is 80 x 35 cm and comes in five amazing colours.

Fabric Collections

Both the Joolz Essentials blanket and Joolz Essentials nest comes in two different types of woven fabrics. In one collection, a ribbed pattern is woven showing a simple yet minimalistic design. In the other collection, the honeycomb pattern is beautifully woven into the outside layer of the fabric…. because children like cuddly bears and bears like honey, pretend honey that is.

What is the fabric made from?

Our Joolz Essentials are produced from 100 per cent organic cotton fibres. This does not only provide the child with warmth and comfort but also assists with caring for a sustainable environment.  

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