4 Car seat safety tips

Make sure that your baby is well secured!

16/01/2019 · 5 minutes

When it comes to buying a baby car seat, there are can be quite a lot to consider when it comes to his/her safety. To make the process a bit easier for parents, we have created a car seat safety guide with important tips. That way, you can make the best decisions for you and your baby’s road adventure.

1. Say no to second-hand car seats

If you are considering taking a car seat from a family member, friend or even buying it second hand, then you may come across a few problems with it. The car seat may not be the safest or most user-friendly model. It also may not fit into your car properly. If by chance, the previous owner has been in a car collision, the car seat may not have all of its parts. If you are accepting car seats from friends and family, it is always good to know about its history. Just to be on the safe side, you should purchase one in stores or online.

Baby car seat safety check tip

2. Focus on the most important features

If you are looking for a good infant car seat, a good tip is to look for one that has a 5-point harness. This means that there are two straps for the shoulders, two waist straps and a strap between the middle of your baby’s legs. You should also look out for impact protection. A baby’s car seat that comes with extra foam or air pads to the side of your baby’s head, provides protection for side impact. You will want to make sure that the car seat is compatible with the latch system. This allows you to securely fasten the car seat base without the use of seat belts. No matter which car seat you choose, make sure that it has your baby’s safety in mind. With our Joolz baby car seat, we can ensure that your baby is provided with maximum security.

Car seat safety feature to keep your baby safe during road trips

3. Opt for i-Size car seats

i-Size (ECE R129) is the latest European safety standard for baby and children car seats. The idea is to make all car seats safer while providing better impact protection. Since i-Size seats are based on the baby’s height rather than their weight, it is important to know if the car seat is suitable for your baby, and when they should be moved into a larger seat. If your car has Isofix connectors, an i-Size car seat can fit safely in your car, but you will still need to double check if the car seat is approved for your car.

Our Joolz iZi Go™ Modular baby car seat is European certified, making it safe for your baby’s road adventure. The baby car seat also has a growth spurt proof of 40-75 cm which is easily adjustable. This allows our car seat to grow with your baby while ensuring a safe ride.

i size car seat label

4. Check for Isofix connectors

Not all of the baby car seats fit correctly into all vehicles. All cars have different features when it comes to fitting your child’s car seat into place. Some of the vehicle’s seat belt may be shorter than others, making it difficult to securely strap your baby.

Having Isofix connections built into your vehicle ensures that your baby is easily secured when attaching the baby car seat. These Isofix connections are included in most modern vehicles and can be found between the padding of your car seats. Usually, they are built into both modern cars and child car seats when they are manufactured.

To provide your baby with extra safety, we recommend using the car seat on our Joolz Be-Safe iZi Modular i-Size base. The base is easy to install unto the Isofix connections, providing additional security for your family’s road adventure. To find out if your vehicle has Isofix connections, search for the Isofix labels between the base and back of your car seats. You can also check your vehicle’s manual or contact the car’s manufacturer.

Iso fix connectors

With these 4 tips in mind, make sure that the car seat you have selected is well certified.  The questions that you should have in mind are:

  • Can the baby car seat sustain front and side collision?
  • How easy is it for my child to be strapped into the car seat?
  • Does the car seat provide a good sitting position and space?
  • What kind of chemicals are used to make the car seat?
  • Is the car seat tested in different car models?