Joolz Quadro | Geo²

Timeless elegance

Fine classic details


Joolz Quadro collection

A breeze through your hair, the first sunbeams in the morning, the Joolz Quadro collection is made with love for the little things in life. Timeless design with chic details, blent into the finest contemporary aesthetics with classic flair. Enjoy every moment. Life is good.

The Joolz Quadro collection is available in two colours for the Joolz Geo²: Grigio and Blu.


    Matching accessories

    The Joolz Quadro collection has matching accessories in the Quadro colours, like the Joolz footmuff. The Joolz footmuff keeps your child warm during cold days and wintertime. Designed with a soft inner lining for extra comfort. The nursery bag and parasol are also available in the Joolz Quadro colours.


    Unique details

    The leatherette handle and bumper bars are finished with a ribbed structure. The luxury fabric is finished in a stitched check pattern with lining in grey mélange. The collection has a shady grey chassis and shady grey wheels.

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