Stylish design and functionality

Joolz Day³ features

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This latest set of wheels that is added to the Joolz collection is one of Joolz most prized pushchair possessions. Our Joolz Day³ or, as we like to call it, our best “DAY” ever will positively surprise you. Its sleek design comes in a variety of stylish colours, allowing you to be fashionable with any #outfitoftheday.  

Being a mom should not mean sacrificing style for your baby’s convenience. The premium look of the Joolz Day³ is ideal for parents who love both design and functionality. There are several features that make our Joolz Day³ amazing. All of our pushchairs, including the Joolz Day³ has the see-through carrycot ventilation. This allows your baby to have a flow of fresh air while taking a nice stroll. The head cushion on the mattress provides additional support and comfort for the child’s head. That way, your baby stays cool while their head is protected from the wind.

Your baby will be growing fast, and he may want to see the world a bit clearer. The Joolz carrycot is easily exchanged with the Joolz ergonomic seat included. At that time, your baby is becoming more curious and would like to try out things on their own. The Joolz ergonomic seat allows your baby to “fit in with the crowd”… at dinner time, of course. The seat at table height can be used at table height. That way, your child can eat comfortably on his or her own. As they grow, so does the adjustable footrest, allowing your child to comfortably sit in their pushchair.

Back home after an amazing Day… ³? Now, it is time to find a place to store your pushchair.  The Joolz Day³ is compact when folded. What is also great is the ability for your folded pushchair to stand without leaning in the corner. That way, you can easily store it safely, even in the smallest city apartments.

Whether you are going to the shopping mall, going for a walk down the street or planning a lunch date with friends, stroll in style and comfort and convenience. The Joolz Day³ is just as cosmopolitan as you are. Just go for it, and experience your Best Day Forever.

You now have the option to customize your Joolz Day³ pushchair however you like. From the fabric to the chassis and even the wheels, you can create a pushchair that fits your personality. There is also over ten cool colours to choose from for your bumper bar and handle. To make it more unique, you can engrave a nice text into the bumper bar. Stroll in style, functionality and zest of personality.