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Starting a family? Expecting your second baby?
We at Joolz believe in growing families and that’s why we want to make your journey to expanding your family as smooth as possible.

the perfect duo pushchair

Whether you dream of having a big family now or in the future, expanding your family takes quite some planning. Also, when it comes to choosing the perfect duo pushchair for your growing family. Having not just one but two or more infants playing and running around can be quite a hand full. A stylish yet practical duo pram that can support all your family adventures would probably be the number item on your ‘mommy and daddy’ list.

The Joolz Geo² is the ideal family pram which you can easily transform and expand from a single configuration into a duo pushchair for your second child.

4 reasons why the Joolz Geo²
is a great addition to your family

The Joolz Geo² remains perfectly compact and manoeuvrable whether you use it as a single pushchair with a full basket or as a duo pushchair for your growing family.

compact size

The one-motion folding mechanism and transport lock provides maximum portability while being on the go, which makes the Joolz Geo² even as a duo pushchair easy to fold and unfold.

easy to fold & unfold

The Joolz Geo² is designed for ultimate comfort and is travel-system compatible, add a car seat with adapters to the chassis for convenient travel.

travel-system compatible

Enjoy the ride with your little one as long as possible with a lifetime warranty on your Joolz Geo² pushchair. Simply register your new Joolz pram within six months, and you’re ready to enjoy carefree strolling.

lifetime warranty

family expansion

Whiles your family grows, the Joolz Geo² pushchair grows together with you. Whether you are taking your kids to nursery or doing a quick run around to the supermarket, every trip becomes an easy peasy fun family adventure with the Joolz Geo².

Both the Joolz Geo² pushchair and expandable set consist of a cot and seat, which assures a comfortable ride for your little ones from birth and the years that follow. Simply swap out the shopping basket and click the additional cot or seat onto the frame ready to use. This configuration keeps your pushchair just as compact and manoeuvrable as it was before. Folding the pushchair with the expandable set on is easy. Plus, it's no less compact when folded. Not bad for a duo pushchair! 

let's grow together