Joolz pushchair cover

Our newly developed Joolz cocoon, made especially for the Joolz Hub

28/12/2018 · 3 minutes

The newly developed cocoon is compatible with our lightweight Joolz hub pushchairs, and it is designed to keep your baby snug and comfortable during long strolls. With chilly nights and windy days, you can ensure that your baby is always covered up. This pushchair baby cover is ideal for babies up to 18 months providing the best back support from birth. This is especially important during your baby’s first six months.

Puschair cover for the Joolz Hub

The moment your little one manages to control his/ her sitting balance, the cocoon is transformed into an upright position. Such a great way to build your baby’s neck muscles! On warm summer days, the cocoon’s ventilation system keeps your baby nice and cool. To keep your baby extra warm, we’ve come up with a fitted sheet, which fits perfectly in your Joolz hub cocoon.

If you are planning on taking your baby on any road adventure, the cocoon simply folds together with the Joolz Hub pushchair. That way, your travel preparations are made easier. Take a look at the demo showing the cocoon attached on our Joolz hub pushchair.

See how our Insta users are using it!

Insta moms and dads are hashtagging us all over the world. Whether it is to show off their new ride or explore a new city life, they are making sure to involve us in every push they make. Would you like to become part of our Joolz Experience? Share your photos with @myjoolz or #myjoolz

Dad with pushchair cover for the Joolz Hub

Instagram 📷: @dan0spop with Joolz Hub and cocoon

Mom pushing Joolz Hub

Instagram 📷: bepenalver with Joolz hub (without cocoon)