Testing our Joolz products

· Reading time: 3 minutes

At Joolz, we stand for comfort, design and the most important thing: safety. We know you only want the best for your little one and we could not agree more. 

How do we know that our products are safe?

Before a Joolz product is sold in stores, we do a lot of safety tests. All of our pushchairs and accessories comply with all of the applicable safety standards in the regions where they are sold.

How do these tests work?

We would, of course, like to show you that! Last month we did a test with our zippers, the so-called ‘zipper pullers’. We simulate pressure on the zipper with a device that can release heavy forces (Newton) on the product. In this way, we can actually measure how much Newton (N) the item is exposed to. In the video below you can see that the zipper meets the standard pressure of about 90N. The zipper obviously meets the requirements. 


In the next video, you can see that the zipper will only protest at 239N, almost 3 times the requirement. By carrying out similar tests, we know that we deliver high-quality products. We can guarantee that you as a customer can safely drive around with your little one.


Next to our own internal test, we also always have them tested by external test houses, such as SGS / ITS and TUV. By doing this, we can live up to our high safety and quality standard, having different certificates to show for it. Safety and quality are at the heart of Joolz and that is why we can also offer you our lifetime guarantee. We will do our utmost to provide the best solution for our products. Stroll always and forever from Joolz!